Fmr Miss Iraq Accused Omar of Exporting “Muslim Brotherhood Agenda” to America

Wednesday, former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan, retweeted a August report where she accuses Minnesota lawmaker Ilhan Omar of exporting the Muslim Brotherhood Agenda to America.

The story was tweeted by Hassan Sajwani who added “she is so right!”

From the Minnesota Sun (August 2019)

Former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan, who recently immigrated to the U.S. and lives in California, is speaking out against Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN-05).

“Ilhan Omar does not represent me as a Muslim, does not represent millions of Muslims in the Middle East. You know, like in Arab countries, we call her the Muslim Brotherhood,” Idan said during a recent appearance on “The Sara Carter Show.”

“They are extremist Muslims, Sunni Muslims, who are now working together with Iran against all the Arab countries,” she said of the Muslim Brotherhood. “They’re working now with Hezbollah, with Turkey, with all that. You know, the thing is about this organization, they are extremist Muslims, they’re Jihadis, and they have this ideology that they want to control the world.”

Idan said she believes politicians such as Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI-13) “feed on the sympathy of people.”

“You know, how the left, the liberals, they’re really open to other nationalities. It’s about acceptance and about freedom. And these women, I think they try to use that to attack the country,” said Idan, adding that Omar is “three minorities in one.”

“She’s Muslim, she’s black, she’s an immigrant. If you say anything, you’re anti-immigrant, you’re racist, you’re Islamophobe. So you cannot really attack her,” she continued.

In response, Omar joked that she doesn’t represent Idan because she’s not a constituent of Omar’s district.

“Hey, I might be wrong but I don’t think you are a MN05 resident and like that makes be [sic] not your representative,” Omar wrote on Twitter.

“Seriously Ilhan this is your intellectual come back? I said as a Muslim! I don’t stand for your anti-American, anti-Semitic, Muslim Brotherhood agenda using this democracy to further your and your friends Islamic socialism goals of dividing and weakening our country,” Idan replied.

Idan later wrote that she fled from the “same ideology” Omar is “trying to export here.”

“CAIR has been caught funding multiple terrorist organizations and you, Ilhan have campaigned for them. Stop trying to using our holiday (Eid) to normalize them when you get called out. You are literally working for the Muslim Brother,” Idan added.