Fmr Dem Rep. claims Pelosi’s “masterful” leadership will help push through Biden’s agenda

Appearing on MSNBC, former Democrat lawmaker Donna Edwards of Maryland claimed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “masterful” leadership will help push the Biden agenda through.

Discussing the Democrat’s much smaller House Majority, MSNBC Host Kacie Hunt said
“Nancy Pelosi, it is going to be razor-thin. It’s just going to be a handful of votes she’s going to be able to lose.”

She added “You have seen her behind the scenes. You know how she works. How do you think she’s going to handle that? How is she going to keep her people together in the face of potentially a lot of frustration from some of her members?”

Edwards replied “I think as a leader and as Speaker Nancy Pelosi is masterful in knowing the temperature and taking the temperature of her caucus.”

She continued “I think that we will see that come 2021. Her major job is going to make sure that the Biden agenda at least gets a good, clean start in the House of Representatives to send over to the Senate.”

“I think for a lot of those members, I mean, I saw her work in small groups in one on one meetings with members to really understand where the leverage is within that caucus,” she added. “And even though it’s going to be a slim majority, I don’t think that you’re going to see a circumstance where Pelosi brings bills to the Floor and then loses on those votes.”

Edwards concluded her glowing portrayal of Pelosi by saying “she’s not going to lose anything that she brings to the floor, but she’s going to do some very careful treading when it comes to reading her caucus.”

According to RealClearPolitics, Pelosi’s favorability rating is a mere 35.4% and net negative -18.6%.