Florida Sheriff says citizens are fleeing liberal cities who defunded the police and teeming with crime

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, who recently endorsed Senator Marco Rubio’s re-election argued blue state cities are suffering from crime due to their efforts to “defund the police” and are losing citizens to safe districts like his own.

Judd blasted Rubio’s challenger Val Demings, saying “What I saw was the U.S. House of Representatives and Val Deming’s voting to Defund the Police. To cost the taxpayers more money. To make it easier to prosecute the police who are putting their life on the line in Orlando, Florida, and across this United States of America.”

“Now I ask you. I want you to look around the nation. Portland, Oregon. Seattle, Washington. Baltimore. Chicago. Washington DC. Wisconsin. You didn’t see peaceful protests when they were burning buildings and smashing cars and injuring people,” he continued.

“What you saw was lawlessness. Now, quite frankly, the reason those things occur in those communities is because of the rule-makers. They allow that. It’s because of the community. They allow that. Senator Rubio in this state has said no,” Judd said.

“Why are they coming to Florida?” Judd asked. “Because we’re safe because it’s a place to be. Who wants to live in Portland? So when you go to bed at night, you don’t know if your car’s going to be there the next day or if your windows are going to be smashed or if they’re going to set the house on fire?”

“There’s real fear in those places. In the state of Florida, when you go to bed at night, you think about, do I go to Disney or the beaches? We got a U.S. senator who is simply the very best for Florida,” he added. “It’s Marco Rubio.”