Florida passes new election bill imposing stricter restrictions on mail-in voting

The Florida legislature has passed a new election bill aimed at increasing integrity by imposing stricter restrictions on mail in voting and limits ballot drop boxes compared to current law.

A spokesperson for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told ABC news he supports the bill.

Per the report “the Florida bill also bars local agencies from accepting outside money for nearly all election-related expenses and from mailing unsolicited ballots to voters; expands the no-solicitation zone outside polling facilities by 50 feet; reduces the number of elections a single vote-by-mail application covers; imposes new voter ID requirements for updating one’s registration record and applying for a mail ballot; allows counties to begin canvassing returned mail ballots sooner pre-election; sets up a state-run “live turnout data” dashboard for Election Day turnout and election night mail ballot processing; and gives poll watchers, candidates, political parties and committees, or their designees, more access to certain election processes and materials.”