FLASHBACK: Video of Massive UK Crowd Chanting “WE LOVE TRUMP”

Many believe the mainstream media wants to paint a picture that the UK hates President Trump.

The Daily Beast reported that thousands of Brits took to the streets here Tuesday, where they marched alongside a 16-foot farting robot of Donald Trump and held aloft huge photos of John McCain in an attempt to trigger the president.

It’s likely you never saw this footage of Brits showing love and support for the U.S. President, during a rally last Summer.

100 Percent Fed Up reported that while the media was busy covering the temper tantrums of London’s anti-Trump, pro-refugees Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Kahn, and the antics of the far left, who once again, flew their childish balloon of our president wearing a diaper over London, a massive gathering of pro-Trump supporters were gathered in Trafalgar Square.

The large crowd enthusiastic Brits were showing their support for President Trump in a very visible way.

Over the chants of “We love Trump! We love Trump!” Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s image was projected on a large screen in Trafalgar Square, as his voice boomed on a microphone. Corbyn joined the enthusiastic, pro-President Trump crowd, to send a clear message to President Trump, “The great deplorables of the United Kingdom love you, we are with you, we stand with you, and we want you to succeed. Forget about the establishment. Forget about the detractors and the fake news media.

The real people out here in the United Kingdom—We love you, Mr. President!”

Watch the video: