Feinstein Urges Trump to Reverse Plan to Block $5 Billion to Iran “In the interest of international security”

Senator Dianne Feinstein is urging President Trump to reverse his plan to block a request from Iran to the IMF for $5 billion in funding, claiming it is in “our national interest.”

Feinstein tweeted:

The coronavirus has hit Iran hard, with the potential for even greater spread in the region. In the interest of international security, President Trump should support Iran’s request to the IMF for emergency funds to contain this virus.

Per FoxNews, her letter came a week after presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden called on the Trump administration to loosen sanctions on Iran.

The former vice president said that it’s “bad enough that the Trump administration abandoned the Iran nuclear deal in favor of a ‘maximum pressure’ strategy that has badly backfired, encouraging Iran to become even more aggressive and restart its nuclear program.”

Biden said that “it makes no sense, in a global health crisis, to compound that failure with cruelty by inhibiting access to needed humanitarian assistance. Whatever our profound differences with the Iranian government, we should support the Iranian people.”

Senator Ted Cruz replied:

The Ayatollah leads chants of “death to America.” He pledges to destroy America, which he calls “the Great Satan.” And Senate Dems want to send him millions??? At the EXACT SAME TIME, Senate Dems are blocking desperately need relief to small businesses in America.


Several Trump supporters also fired back.