Feds Arrest Suspected “Ringleader” in Andrew Jackson Statue Attack

The feds have arrested the suspected “ringleader” of the attack on the Andrew Jackson statue, Jason Charter.

Amy Kremer, chair of America 1st Women tweeted:

Justice is coming Jason Charter, you little Antifa punk.

This is the same guy that assaulted @JackPosobiec last week.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

I hope they throw the book at him and lock his ass up for a long time.

Late June, Police faced off with protesters in Lafayette Square, across the street from the White House, as a statue of Andrew Jackson was nearly pulled down with ropes and chains.

On his Twitter page, Charter describes himself as a Political activist and organizer and uses the hashtag #IAmAntifa.

Charter tweeted Wednesday:

I wonder how many death threats I’ll receive this week. It’s funny how y’all call us terrorists yet since my non-violent actions at Lincoln Park my family and I have received plenty of threats against our lives. It’s shameful you go after my parents because you can’t find me.

I didn’t think y’all would be dumb enough to threaten to kill me and my family but there y’all are acting like you can make threats to scare me. I’ll protect my castle to the fullest extent the law will allow me to so come after me and continue with you empty threats you cowards.

He later added:

I find it hilarious people think that my dark eyes are from drugs and not from the countless hours I dedicate to work, activism, my love life, and my hobbies.

Fox News reports law enforcement sources tell Fox News that Jason Charter was arrested at his residence Thursday morning, without incident, and charged with destruction of federal property. He was arrested by the FBI and U.S. Park Police as part of a joint task force.

These sources add that Charter has connections to Antifa and was in a leadership role on the night of June 22 when a large group of protesters tried to pull down the statue.