FBI Director Wray Says Current FBI officials in FISA report being reviewed for possible discipline

FBI Director Christopher Wray acknowledged that the FISA abuse that took place that led to spying on the Trump campaign was “unacceptable” and that employees involved with it “were referred to our Office of Professional Responsibility, which is our disciplinary arm”

However, Wray specified he’d look at current employees and James Comey and McCabe may not be included.

“At the more senior level of the FBI, the people involved I think in every respect I can think of are gone from the FBI,” Wray said.

Per TCO, ex-Trump campaign advisor Carter Page is suing the DNC over its Steele Dossier that led to the FISA warrant and spying into him.

A declassified FISA Court order declassified last monthconfirmed that two of the four FISA applications authorized for the FBI to justify surveillance against 2016 Trump campaign advisor Carter Page were “not valid.”

At the time, Loretta Lynch headed the DOJ and James Comey was in charge of the FBI.

One of the false applications was signed by James Comey, the other by Andrew McCabe.

WashingtonExaminer reports the FBI’s Director Christopher Wray revealed yesterday that every FBI official named in the Justice Department watchdog report on Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse is being reviewed for possible disciplinary action.

Wray, who appeared on Wednesday before the Democrat-led House Judiciary Committee for his first congressional testimony since DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s scathing FISA abuse report was released, pledged to fix the problems.

“The failures highlighted in that report are unacceptable — period,” Wray said. “They don’t reflect who the FBI is as an institution, and they cannot be repeated. The FBI has embraced every last one of the inspector general’s recommendations, but we’re also making a number of improvements above and beyond.”

Republican congressmen repeatedly pressed Wray on whether any FBI officials were going to face the consequences.

“Are all the individuals and agents and supervisors that were involved in all of these abuses … that were in this Horowitz report, are all of them no longer working at the FBI?” Rep. Greg Steube of Florida asked. “Have they resigned or been fired or been removed from their position?”

“At the more senior level of the FBI, the people involved I think in every respect I can think of are gone from the FBI,” Wray said.

Former bureau leaders such as FBI Director James Comey, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and FBI special agent Peter Strzok have been fired from the bureau in the past few years for reasons not directly tied to FISA.