Fauci tells Chelsea Clinton the “phenomenal amount of hostility” he faces is “astounding”

Appearing on Chelsea Clinton’s podcast, Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked how “trust in science” can be restored given so many who continue to refuse to get vaccinated.

Fauci replied “That is something that is not going to happen easily, Chelsea. I think that we may have to find ways — and that’s a complicated issue, as you well know, probably better than I do — it’s a complicated issue of how you heal the differences and the hostility.”

“I mean, I’ve been the object myself of a phenomenal amount of hostility merely because I’m promoting what are really fundamental simple public health principles,” he continued. “That seems astounding that that would generate a considerable degree of hostility, but it is, it is.”

“So I don’t think the answer is intensifying the hostility and pointing fingers. I think the approach is to outreach, to try and understand each other better and realize that we have differences, but those differences should be the source, you know, of strength in some respects and not the source of chaos,” he added.

Clinton wrote on Twitter “For this week’s In Fact, I spoke with Dr. Anthony Fauci about living through and learning from #covid19, and how to be better prepared for future outbreaks”