Fauci says the pandemic has exposed the “undeniable effects of racism” and it will take decades to correct societal wrongs

Appearing on a new webcast, Dr. Anthony Fauci said “the undeniable effects of racism” have led to disparities in health coverage during the pandemic that hurt Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans.

“COVID-19 has shone a bright light on our own society’s failings,” he said.

“Now, very few of these comorbidities have racial determinants,” Fauci explained. “Almost all relate to the social determinants of health dating back to disadvantageous conditions that some people of color find themselves in from birth regarding the availability of an adequate diet, access to health care and the undeniable effects of racism in our society.”

Fauci suggested it would take decades to correct the societal wrongs.

Per Fox News “Rep. Warren Davidson, R-Ohio, is behind the bill officially titled the Fauci’s Incompetence Requires Early Dismissal (FIRED) Act. Fox News first obtained the bill ahead of its introduction Wednesday. Its co-sponsors include Reps. Chip Roy, R-Texas, Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., and Ralph Norman, R-S.C.”

Davidson said in a statement to Fox News “Few people have earned their termination more visibly.”

His excessively long tenure is emblematic of Eisenhower’s farewell address caution against scientific-technical elite steering the country for their own ends — at odds with truth and the national interest,” he added.

Last month, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene also introduced a bill to fire Fauci, along with banning Vaccine passports.

Greene tweeted “the “#FireFauci Act” will slash the salary of Dr. Always Wrong to $0 and the “#WeWillNotComply Act” will ban vaccine “passports,” prevent discrimination against the unvaccinated, and much more to protect the freedom of the American People.”

Greene tweeted later “Thank [email protected]
for signing on as an original cosponsor to the #FireFauci Act!”