Fallon’s Monday show drew one of the smallest “Tonight Show” audiences in decades

Monday’s “Tonight Show” hosted by Jimmy Fallon drew the 4th smallest audience for an original episode in the long-running show’s multi-decade history.

Nielsen’s final ratings had Jimmy Fallon averaging 1.063 million total viewers from 11:35 p.m. to 12:35 a.m. Pacific time.

According to the Wrap “All three of the late-night franchise’s smaller TV audiences came last year. On Aug. 18, 2020, Fallon had 1.004 million total viewers. On Aug. 20, he got 1.061 million.”

The report adds “The all-time low came on Sept. 25, when “The Tonight Show” fell below 1 million viewers for the first and only time ever in Nielsen’s final ratings, posting just 992,000 total viewers.”

During Monday’s show, Fallon gave his take on Trump being banned from Twitter.