Facing calls to resign, DHS Secretary Mayorkas blames Trump for spike in illegal immigration

Facing calls to resign from multiple Republican lawmakers, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas blamed the administration of former President Donald Trump’s for the border crisis and surge in illegal crossings.

“Tragically, former President Trump slashed our international assistance to Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras,” Mayorkas said Thursday. “Slashed the resources that we were contributing to address the root causes of a rate of irregular migration.”

Mayorkas went on to say that the Biden admin has now ended “the cruel policies of the past administration” and restored “the rule of laws of this country that Congress has passed.”

He then claimed “the resurgence of the economy in the United States, and the gleam of the American promise once again” is another reason for the surge in illegal immigration attempts.

“We’re facing a serious challenge at our Southern Border, and the challenge is of course made more acute, more difficult because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has also been made more difficult because of the, of the fact that the prior administration dismantled our asylum system. Nevertheless, we meet challenges,” he added.

Friday, Appearing on Newsmax TV, Texas GOP Rep. Brian Babin joined called to impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas.

“I don’t trust the man a second,” Babin said. “He ought to be censured and frankly ought to be impeached. The man has been a disaster leaving our border.”

This came after Rep. Andy Biggs also called for impeaching Mayorkas.