EXCLUSIVE: “NFAC” Leader Shares Fake Hitler Quote, Has History of Anti-Semitic Posts

A video of Grand Master Jay, the leader of a black militia group that describes themselves as the “NFAC” (Not F*cking around coalition) recently went viral on Twitter, and now has over 785k views.

In the clip, Grand Master Jay advocates for a separate black ethnostate and says “We don’t want to talk no more, we don’t want to negotiate. We don’t want to sing songs, we don’t bring signs to a gunfight. We’re an eye for an eye organization. So when they decide to act right, we’ll act right. And we do it all legally.”

Jay is now under fire on social media for sharing a fake Hitler quote as internet sleuths have also uncovered a history of anti-Semitic messages.

April 1st, a Twitter user wrote “FBI raiding cribs in Williamsburg for hoarders of medical mask smh if your from NYC you already know who it was smh”

Grand Master Jay replied “So the Jews are hoarding masks? How ironic.”

More recently, June 27th, Grand Master Jay tweeted a completely fake Hitler quote that has been declared “false” by Snopes. 

Many mainstream media outlets, including Newsweek and Reason, published arguably favorable coverage of the NFAC organization without mentioning any anti-semitic leanings of their leader.

Reason concluded “The arrival of militia members and armed private citizens is to be expected in cities where there is intense fallout from fatal use-of-force incidents. Black activists, some inspired by the likes of Malcolm X and the Black Panthers, are using their guns to remind the public that they, too, have a voice.”

However, many social media users have expressed disappointment in Grand Master Jay’s spreading of a fake hitler quote and anti-semitic rhetoric.

One Twitter user replied to Jay and simply wrote “not true” linking the Snopes fact check.

Another wrote “Fake quote. Only for the gullible.”

Journalist and filmmaker Jake Hanrahan wrote:

Good to see the black community arming themselves, but it’s a shame it’s the Not Fucking Around Crew doing this imo. Had a look into NFAC and they’re very prone to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Conservative Director and Producer Robby Starbuck wrote:

Remember the group of armed people that many confused for Black Panthers yesterday in Georgia? They’re actually called the NFAC. This is their leader. Another anti-Semitic movement. Every race should use their #2A rights but I will always oppose anti-Semitic movements.

Even apparent Antifa supporters were disappointed to learn more about the NFAC leader.

One wrote:

Before we lionize the NFAC for their march in Georgia today, be aware that NFAC founder Grandmaster Jay holds some antisemitic views. I doubt every person marching today knows about his fringe beliefs, but they’re worth being aware of before you publicly support the org.

Another wrote:

wonderful — first major armed Black resistance to gain attention since @BobbySealecom and the Black Panther Party… and these MFers are raging Anti-Semites. way to ruin your message and attack your allies, @TheOfficialGra3