EXCLUSIVE: Angel Mom Clashes with Publication that REFUSES to Report Illegal Crime

Angel Mom and Trump supporter Sabine Durden is sounding the alarm.

When confronting a local paper “Nashville News Leader” about why they did not publish stories about illegal alien crime, their reaction was harsh, intimidating and downright rude.

They then blocked her on Twitter, but Durden refuses to be silenced.

Sabine tweeted:

Just experienced TDS w a local paper who now blocked me
@NNewsLeader [email protected] 4 showing ur true colors & how u r not telling ur readers what’s REALLY going on in our community. Shame on you


Sabine tells the whole story of what happened to her.

This is the back-story from Sabine herself:

When I got back from the RNC, one of their reporters came over, did a story and took pictures for an article . That never happened. We moved and Anthony went to their office 1 year ago to ask why they are not doing a story on me ( a resident ) and why the first  rnc story was never published. They told him the young reporter was just a intern ( never printed her report).

They didn’t give him an answer. When my 2 op-Ed’s were printed by papers in California , I took 2 copies with a business card to their office. They took it and that was it.

When we learned about 4 illegals in the local jail being held for raping their own sister/ daughter , we spoke with the sheriff and asked why the local paper never reports on any illegal alien crime. He shrugged his shoulder and let us know they are way left and do not want to tell rose stories.

So now with the Arkansas gazette doing a fair and balanced article, we took that paper and went to their office. I told the lady how sad it is to have a local paper completely ignore truth and thankfully the gazette did the right thing. And told them we want to cancel our subscription. That’s when all hell broke lose

This is what Sabine shared to her followers on social media:

To our Nashville and Mineral springs friends

We just experienced extreme hostility, insults and the most vile behavior at the

Nashville News Leader office.

We went there to cancel our subscription because they are NOT telling the news and truth. Only fluff.

Anthony went there previously to ask why they don’t report about the illegals in jail that raped their little daughter/ sister or not do any sort of report about a local Arkansan, out there fighting for them as well.

I dropped off the op ed, a while back, that was printed in other states and papers and nothing came of it.

So today we went to cancel the subscription and be done with that rag.

We were not even greeted as we walked in by big guy 1 and guy 2 and By the women at the desk.

She finally asked how she can help and I asked to cancel this deal. I reminded her that we have been here numerous times and this local paper refuses to print anything and how the Democrat Gazette stepped up to share Dominic’s story.

All of a sudden big guy 1 turned around with a nasty look on his face and told us : that’s right, and we will NEVER  print anything.

I told him that that was clear and that’s why we didnt want to receive that paper anymore. Guy 2  in the back got loud and told us we need to get out.

I calmly told him to not talk to us like that and we are conducting business and when we are finished, we will leave.

I mentioned to Anthony that FB and Twitter will have fun with this one and he told us that they are a local, privately owned paper that does what they want and he knows about my Twitter. Big guy 1 got closer to us as if to intimidate us.

Anthony asked guy 2 to not talk to his wife in that manner and we will leave when we are done.

Guy 2 told big guy 1 to call the cops. We  still stood at the same desk while the woman was finishing the cancelation and when I talked to Anthony about Twitter will love this, she yelled at me : shut up with your damn Twitter.

I kept a smile on my face the whole time because their liberal disease was showing and not getting to me. Guess that ticked them off even more.

Guy  2 walked to the door and told us it was the 3rd time he’s telling us to get out. We told him when we have  our refund and receipt of cancellation, we will go.

She couldn’t print out anything and gave me 15$ refund.

With business finished we walked outside and waited for police to show.

The officer was kind and listened and hear our story and understood .

We shook hands and left.

Goes to show that some are merely triggered by what you stand for and they are against.

That kind of vile and disgusting behavior, rude and ugly display of TDS ( Trump derangement Symptom) was on full display.

Not professional or business like.

Nashville News Leader – shame on you and your employees for your extremely rude and nasty behavior towards subscribers, just because you don’t agree with our political view.

I hope more people wake up to what a rag The Nashville News Leader is and that it has NO value.

Thanks for showing your ugly side and and HUGE THANK YOU to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette for doing it the right way and not being afraid to share  the truth.

That’s how a newspaper should be run.