Ex-Hillary Staffer Denies Reports Tying Him to Iowa Caucus App After Getting Blasted Online

Iowa’s caucus night debacle caused anger across the board, leaving both Republicans and Democrats angry and eager to point fingers.

While the Iowa Democratic Party refused to admit the phone app had failed, countless reports from caucus leaders pointed to the phone app either not working or failing to download correctly.

Per WashingtonExaminer, the app simply “does not work,” a precinct secretary told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer late Monday evening after the Iowa Democratic Party announced its plans to withhold the results.

Adding to the disarray, the precinct secretary said that he and other officials were told after the app imploded to call a special hotline. But the hotline also does not seem to work, the precinct secretary said, adding in a live interview that he had been on hold for more than an hour (his call was answered live on-air during his interview with Blitzer, but the operator hung up on the precinct secretary before he could respond, leaving him with no choice but to dial in again and get back in line at the end of the queue).

According to the Des Moines Register, Mook was involved with the caucus night strategy and app.

Both parties in Iowa and their app and web development vendors partnered last fall with Harvard’s Defending Digital Democracy Project to develop strategies and systems to protect results and deal with any misinformation that’s reported on caucus night.

They worked with campaign experts Robby Mook and Matt Rhodes — as well as experts in cybersecurity, national security, technology and election administration — and simulated the different ways that things could go wrong on caucus night.

Mook, 2016 campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, and Rhodes, Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign manager, helped develop a public-service video to alert campaigns to the warning signs of hacking and misinformation.

Mook himself denied having a role in the app.

Some accused Mook of being a liar and having a role in the debacle based on the reports from the Des Moines register and NY Times. Either the Des Moines register had it wrong or Mook is not being truthful, it’s unclear which at this point.