Ethiopian woman berates Asians at Bubble Tea shop, claims they are “stealing black culture”

A video of a black muslim woman berating Asians at a bubble tea shop and claiming they are “stealing black culture” has gone viral with over 135k views.


According to Wikipedia, Bubble Tea originated in Taiwan.

According to the Post Millennial “23-year-old Alewia Tola Roba walked into the newly-opened store in Aurora, Colorado, and berated the Asian-owned business on Friday, arguing that it had no right claiming that name which Roba considered African-American slang.

According to Urban Dictionary, a “trap house” is used to describe a “crack house,” a place in a “shady neighborhood” where illegal drugs are manufactured, packaged for sale, or sold on the street.”

According to Andy Ngo “The strong black Muslim woman in the video who berated an Asian boba store in Aurora, Colo. for not being “black-owned” is 23-year-old Alewia Tola Roba, from Denver.”

Ngo adds “She appears to have graduated this year from university & is extremely proud of being Ethiopian.”