Eric Trump accuses Dems of “crazy” policies that “would literally destroy this country”

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Eric Trump blasted the Democratic party, who he accused of moving far left and pushing “crazy” policies.

The son of President Trump said “You literally have a party that is calling law enforcement the Gestapo, they’re calling them the KKK. They want to defund the police.”

He added “You have a party that wants socialized medicine, Kamala Harris said –180 million people’s private health care plans gone. You have Biden that wants to increase taxes by $4 trillion – 82% of people, pretty much anybody who pays taxes in this country, would have their tax rate skyrocket.”

Eric also accused Democrats of not valuing the first and second amendments of the constitution.

“They want to get rid of your First Amendment” he claimed “they want to give rid of your Second Amendment, they are an incredibly radical party.”

“You see them last night on the screen, you see AOC, I mean, these people are crazy, their policies are crazy and would literally destroy this country.” he added.