Eric Swalwell Tells Hispanics to Take Fight Against Trump to “Streets,” Backfires FAST!

Fringe 2020 Democrat candidate for President Eric Swalwell made waves when he told hispanic Twitter followers to take their fight against Trump to the courts, ballot box, and “streets.”

This echoed for AG Loretta Lynch in 2017.

“People have banded together, ordinary people, they’ve marched, they’ve bled, and, yes, some of them died. It’s hard. Everything good is. We’ve done it before. We can do it again. So march, bleed, die.” Loretta Lynch in a video.

Twitter users supporting Trump were quick to fire back at Swalwell.

Darrin Stephens wrote “I’m Hispanic and a 100% Trump supporter, silly.”

me too! Became US citizen to have a voice and let liberals know they do not have my vote!

Im from a town called Watsonville which is primarily hispanic & have plenty of conservative friends. Many of them say they dislike how many (not all) liberals treat hispanics as if they’re automatically illegal/liberal. They act as if they know how they think/should think

Yes I agree.. I hope the Hispanic Communities see that too, and remember that Obama did nothing for them