WATCH: Eric Holder “people who support” Trump “trying to fan” Reade allegations against Biden

Appearing with Bill Maher, former Attorney General Eric Holder argued “the people who are trying to fan this thing,” alluding to Tara Reade’s allegations against former VP Joe Biden are “the very people who support Donald Trump.”

Holder also expressed apparent support for Biden’s denial, saying “his denial is consistent with the Joe Biden that I know.”

Eric Holder:

Well, I mean, it’s interesting that the people who are trying to fan this thing are the very people who support Donald Trump, and of course, who say nothing about allegations that have been raised, I think very credibly against Trump for a number of women over a great — a long period of time.

I mean, all of these allegations have to be taken seriously, people who raise them should be treated sensitively. I’ve known Joe Biden for 20, 25 years, what has been described is inconsistent with the person who I’ve come to know and who I’ve worked with.

I think the media is doing the correct job looking at the allegations, finding out a variety of things. I — the vice president has denied that it actually did occur, and as I said, his denial is consistent with the Joe Biden that I know.


One of Biden’s most vocal critics on the matter of Tara Reade on Twitter is in fact, quite the opposite of a Trump supporter.

Former Hillary advisor and 2020 Sanders supporter Peter Daou took to Twitter to explain why he believes Biden’s denial of the sexual assault charge from Tara Reade is not good enough.

Daou tweeted:




The sheer moral cowardice of the Democratic Party (and of politicians I once respected) over is gut-wrenching.

The damage being done to is incalculable.

For what????????????????????????

The primary isn’t over. Any of the other Dem candidates could beat Trump.

Jeremy Scahill tweeted:

Is it not relevant, as people call Tara Reade a liar, that Joe Biden has a very well documented record of blatantly lying in public, including recently, about various parts of his life? He had to withdraw from a race for president because of plagiarism and lying.

To Which Daou responded:

Not to mention a long history of violating the physical space of little girls and young women.