Epstein Accusers Turn Focus on Alleged “Madame” Ghislaine Maxwell

With Epstein’s apparent suicide, his abuse survivors and advocated for justice are turning their attention towards his alleged “madame” Ghislaine Maxwell.

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged victims has filed a civil lawsuit that targets not only the multimillionaire’s estate, but also his alleged co-conspirators, including British socialite and Epstein’s ex-girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell. The suit also accuses three other females, referred to as the recruiter, the secretary, and the maid.


Virginia Roberts Giuffre details a plan she said that Ghislaine Maxwell had to have her have a baby for Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. The conversation took place after a day of snorkeling near Epstein’s private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

CBS Reports, a new lawsuit filed Wednesday by a New York woman accuses Jeffrey Epstein of sexual abuse and targets Epstein’s estate, his alleged “madame,” Ghislaine Maxwell, and three unnamed women who worked for Epstein in the early 2000s.

Jennifer Araoz, 32, claims that Jeffrey Epstein raped her in his New York townhouse in 2002 when she was only 14, and is now suing his estate. Epstein died in his Manhattan jail cell early Saturday from an apparent suicide. He was awaiting trial and facing federal charges of sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy.

“I want my story to hold Epstein to account and also his recruiters, the workers on his payroll who knew what he was doing and the prominent people around him who helped conceal and perpetuate his sex-trafficking scheme,” Araoz wrote in a New York Times op-ed Wednesday. “Their hideous actions victimized me and so many young girls like me.”

The lawsuit comes on the same day New York’s Child Victims Act goes into effect for abuse victims. The new law opens a one-year window for victims to sue over alleged sexual abuse without a time limit on the statute of limitations.

Last month, Araoz went public on NBC News with accusations she was recruited by a young woman outside of her Manhattan high school to give Epstein erotic massages at his townhouse. Araoz said Epstein forcibly raped her during one such massage and she did not return to his home.

Araoz’s lawsuit against Epstein’s estate names Ghislaine Maxwell and claims that she “provided organization support for Epstein’s sex trafficking ring” and that she “conspired with Epstein in the implementation and maintenance of his criminal enterprise.”

The lawsuit does not name Epstein’s alleged recruiter, who is designated as Jane Doe 1, nor does it name the secretary who is designated as Jane Doe 2, or “the Maid” who worked at the mansion and is designated as Jane Doe 3.