Elon Musk rips Biden, calls him a “Sock Puppet”

In a brutal new tweet, billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk calls President Biden a United Auto Workers “Sock Puppet.”

Tesla wrote:

Shameless: the infamous $4,500 “UAW bribe” in the “Build Back Better Act” (H.R. 5376) excludes employee-owned US car factories, such as Tesla, even if they form a union (!).

It defines “Domestic Assembly Qualifications” in a way that requires 50%+ non-shareholder employees…

Elon Musk replied “Biden is a UAW 🧦 puppet” with a sock emoji before the puppet.

Musk then added two articles to the thread.

The first is a Chicago Tribune Piece written by Tony Exum blasting the UAW and asking “Why am I paying union dues when the union won’t protect me from sexual harassment?”

The second, by the Detroit News is a report that “Three UAW leaders created sexually hostile environment, lawsuit alleges.”

Per the report “a high-ranking female officer with the United Auto Workers accused three union leaders of sexual harassment, including grabbing, kissing and propositioning her in recent years, according to a federal lawsuit Wednesday.”