Ellen Barkin tells AG Barr “Go F Yourself” Over His BLM Comments

Thursday, actress Ellen Barkin, known for her work in “Animal Kingdom” and “Sea of Love” told Attorney General William Barr “Go F Yourself” on Twitter.

Joy Behar of “The View” then retweeted Barkin’s vulgar remark.

Barkin’s comments were in response to Barr saying “These so called Black Lives Matter people…they’re not interested in black lives.”

Here is the video that upset Ellen Barkin.

One Twitter user who agreed replied to Barkin “Just the way he’s sitting in that chair is an example of systemic racism and sexism. That is a posture of absolutely not giving AF. And he takes no criticism for it. Imagine for a second a black woman being interviewed with that posture. I mean seriously, imagine that.”