Elizabeth Warren Included In DNC Native American Caucus Meeting

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who caused a firestorm of controversy after revealing a DNA test showing next to no Native American heritage despite claiming ancestry throughout her career, will by part of the DNC Native American Caucus meeting.

Peggy Flanagan tweeted “I’m excited for the DNC Native American Caucus meeting today. Please join @Deb4CongressNM, @sharicedavids, @ewarren, and me (and whole bunch of other good folks) today!”

After coming under fire from actual Native Americans, Warren was eventually forced to apologize.

“I am not a person of color,” Warren said “I am a white woman, and that is how I identify. In addition, I am not a tribal citizen.”

“I was wrong to have identified as a Native American, and, without qualification or excuse, I apologize for the harm I cause.”

Here are some of the responses to Flanagan’s tweet.