Elizabeth Banks Suggests Sexism Behind “Charlie’s Angels” Box Office Failure

Filmmaker, Actress and anti-Trump ally to the Democrat party Elizabeth Banks appeared to blame sexism for the box office failure of her “Charlie’s Angels” reboot.

In a tweet Banks did appear to acknowledge her film was a “flop.”

From FoxNews

“Look, people have to buy tickets to this movie too. This movie has to make money,” Banks told the Sun. “If this movie doesn’t make money it reinforces a stereotype in Hollywood that men don’t go see women do action movies.”

The “Hunger Games” actress seemed to dismiss the box office success of “Captain Marvel,” the Brie Larson-led Marvel film that earned $1.1 billion worldwide earlier this year, as well as “Wonder Woman,” which grossed $821 million in 2017,  because they belonged to a “male genre.”

“They’ll go and see a comic book movie with Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel because that’s a male genre,” Banks explained. “So even though those are movies about women, they put them in the context of feeding the larger comic book world, so it’s all about, yes, you’re watching a Wonder Woman movie but we’re setting up three other characters or we’re setting up ‘Justice League.’”

“By the way, I’m happy for those characters to have box office success, but we need more women’s voices supported with money because that’s the power. The power is in the money.”

Banks has been an active ally of the DNC, producing the “fight song” music video for Hillary Clinton.

Banks also mocked Donald Trump in a 2016 DNC appearance.

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