Elise Stefanik Raises $500k in Under 2 Hours to “Fight Schiff”

Rising GOP Star Elise Stefanik announced on Twitter she raised over $500k in under 2 hours.

Stefanik first announced she raised $250k in a mere 15 minutes:

She then updated her followers and announced she raised $500k in under 2 hours.

THANK YOU to all of my supporters — we raised $500K in UNDER 2 HOURS last night! I am deeply honored and overwhelmed by all of your support and will continue standing up for FACTS and . Join me in this fight and donate today! http://fightschiff.com

Steve JD responded “I absolutely think you are wonderful. Keep up the good fight.”

Matthew Kolken responded “Thank you for your willingness to fight for our Second Amendment protections. Living in Western New York it feels like NY-21 and NY-27 are a candle of hope in the middle of a Democratically generated hurricane of constitutional infringement.”

Rep. Stefanik recently appeared on Hannity where she blasted House Intel Chair Adam Schiff and called him an “abject failure.”

This article first appeared on TheConservativeOpinion.com 

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