Dozens of Republicans from the Bush admin say they are leaving the party to disown Trump

According to a new report from Reuters, dozens of Republicans who worked in Joe Biden’s administration are leaving the party in an attempt to disown association with President Trump.

Jimmy Gurulé, who was Undersecretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence in the Bush administration said “The Republican Party as I knew it no longer exists. I’d call it the cult of Trump.”

According to Reuters “These officials, some who served in the highest echelons of the Bush administration, said they had hoped that a Trump defeat would lead party leaders to move on from the former president and denounce his baseless claims that the November presidential election was stolen.”

The report also acknowledges that most Republican lawmakers are sticking with Trump, but “, these officials say they no longer recognize the party they served. Some have ended their membership, others are letting it lapse while a few are newly registered as independents, according to a dozen former Bush officials who spoke with Reuters.”

Kristopher Purcell, who worked in the Bush White House’s communications office for six years said the number of those leaving the party are “growing every day.”

Even RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel did acknowledge there is currently some infighting in the party.

“We’re having a little bit of a spat right now. But we are going to come together. We have to,” McDaniel said.