Doyle McManus warns determining Trump-Biden winner “could take U.S. months”

In a new Op-Ed for the Boston Herald, veteran political journalist Doyle McManus warns that it could take the U.S. months to determine the Election day winner between President Trump and Joe Biden.

McManus begins by reminding readers it took “36 days of chaos” and a 5-4 Supreme Court court decision to resolve the Bush vs. Gore 2000 race which only had a controversy in one single state.

He then predicts 3 things that will likely happen.

One is that he believes Trump will declare victory despite many mail in votes not having been counted. Second, he sees both sides taking disputes into courtrooms and third, “demonstrators, some carrying weapons, will pour into the streets.”

Over the summer, a bipartisan group called the Transition Integrity project ran a series of war-game-style simulations, with former politicians role-playing the candidates.

One of the known participants to this project was Hillary ally John Podesta.

According to McManus, Rosa Brooks, a Georgetown University law professor told him every scenario with a close election led to “the brink of catastrophe.”

McManus ultimately concludes that the only silver lining is there is still time to prepare.

“The battle probably would end in the Supreme Court or in Congress” he speculates “but either way, it would leave the nation angrier and further divided.”