“Double Standard” Trump says Obama golfed “despite his wife Michelle urging people to stay home”

Moments ago, President Trump tweeted:

Didn’t Obama, whose Administration has now been caught cold illegally spying on the Trump campaign, recently also get caught playing golf on a course in Virginia, despite his wife Michelle urging people to stay home, before and after his round, in a major public service message?

….A total double standard. The only thing the Dems have going for them is their very close relationship with the Fake News Lamestream Media!

Last month, Michelle Obama was called out for hypocrisy after recording an announcement for DC residents telling them to stay at home when Barack Obama was just photographed golfing on Saturday.

Mayor Muriel Bowser shared the audio of Michelle Obama and wrote:

DC residents — If you have any symptom, you can get a free test by calling 1-855-363-0333@MichelleObama is helping us get out the word about free testing and reminding residents to except for essential trips for food, medicine or exercise

Per Breitbart Politico‘s Playbook shared a photo of former President Obama playing golf in Virginia.

Obama is a member of the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Gainesville, Virginia, where some golf courses remain open, despite Maryland and Washington, DC, closing off their facilities.

Reports of the obvious discrepancy skyrocketed after Fox News host Tucker Carlson called out the Obamas on his show Wednesday.

“It didn’t seem to occur to her that those standards might also apply to her family,” Carlson said. “And that’s why she didn’t mention essential trips to your country club.”