Donny Deutsche says Trump is “worried” and jail is “where it ends for him”

Appearing on MSNBC, contributor Donny Deutsch said former President Trump is “worried” and predicted he is going to jail over his tax returns.

“Yeah, he’s worried,” Deutsch said. “You know, real estate guys, to begin with, are shady just in the way they do business, most of them — I hate to say that for my real estate friends watching…but Donald Trump is by far the bottom of the barrel. Anything that you can do as far as playing outside the lines, this guy has done throughout his entire life.”

“They’re going to take him apart, you know,” he continued “and if you just think about the mindset of a federal person or a local person or any law enforcement type person who works at a relatively, you know, small salary, they live for these moments. Here’s a guy who pretended he was bigger than the house. Here’s a guy that literally tried to take down who we are. Nobody is going to approach this … with a soft knife if you will. So, expect Donald Trump to spend the rest of his life fighting or in jail.”

“I don’t mean life in jail, but I really believe that’s where it ends for him. I mean, I know it’s hard for people to see that, but I really believe he ends up behind bars. I think that is the final act of this really, really repulsive opera we have been watching,” he added.