Donna Brazile Says Juan Williams Gave Her a “Fist Bump” After Her “Go to Hell” Dig

Discussing why she told GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel to “go to hell” and the aftermath, Donna Brazile claimed to be “a forgiving kind of person.”

She then revealed that Fox News colleague Juan Williams gave her a “first bump” after the incident.

Bret Baier

I just want to say that your tone has changed a little bit. You came in here a little bit hot and bothered, and you were spicy today and you had a little dust-up with Ronna McDaniel. Can you just explain that?

Donna Brazile:

I must tell you the secret, I’m a forgiving kind of person. I want to thank Chris Wallace and Brit Hume and Juan Williams. Yes, all three men. Juan gave me the fist bump. Chris gave me the talk. And Brit reminded me that, you know, sometimes you don’t, you shouldn’t call people out right.


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