Donna Brazile Gets in Screaming Match with Tammy Bruce over RNC “You do not recognize my existence, Tammy”

Temper flared when Donna Brazile and Tammy Bruce got in a screaming match while talking over each other while discussing the RNC.

Tammy Bruce praised the RNC and said “The incredibly moving stories ranging from Tim Scott to Nikki Haley showing that we can deal with violence, racial violence in a way that we come together, no Democrat has spoken out against the nature of what’s happening in Kenosha, Portland, Seattle, Baltimore, New York, Chicago, Americans have a choice and the fact is that the Republicans are showing a — an expanse of what the American sensibility is and what the American future is.”

Brazile then cuts in and says “You know, Brian, this is why the choir — it sounds like I will never be an American in your world because after 400 years my family cannot walk out of this house without fearing violence!”

Donna Brazile then got heated and accused Tammy Bruce and ignoring the pains of people who are hurting.

The two then talked over each other making what they were trying to say hard to distinguish. Brazile says “You do not recognize my existence, Tammy.”