WATCH: Don Lemon defends removal of historic statues “the chickens are coming home to roost”

During last night’s segment of CNN Tonight, host Don Lemon gave a defense of young people who are toppling and destroying historic statues, making the argument that “movements are often messy” and “the chickens are coming home to roost” because the statues were not removed by leadership by legal means despite requests “for decades.”

Don Lemon:

I think people are concerned that this removal of monuments when they are not sanctioned by official means…well it’s giving Trump a talking point.

That may be well all and good, but I think the bigger talking point is that Trump has been put in a position now where he has to defend racist, treasonous people, people who turned against their company..turncoats. He’s in a position to have to defend, that’s a bigger narrative that people should be talking about rather than people who want to remove if they’re giving Trump a talking point…

Think about it, movements are often messy and a lot of these young people are saying “we’ve asked for decades”….nobody did anything about it and so now, guess what? The chickens are coming home to roost, because you haven’t done it. 

…Nobody is erasing history. What people are trying to do is put it in context and these are conversations that we should be having.

And yes, they are messy. And sometimes people aren’t smart about which statues they should taken down. Fine.

If the people on the other side would think, ‘Well maybe we should get involved in the conversation about which statues should be taken down, where they should be put, we should meet these people in the middle and discuss these things.’

These are the right conversations to be had. We’re contextualizing it the wrong way. We’re Looking at it the wrong way. And I think that’s the issue.