Don Lemon accuses Trump of creating environment fostering “inhumane” behavior

During a recent segment on CNN, anchor Don Lemon accused President Trump of creating an environment where “inhumane” behavior has become accepted.

Don Lemon:

How many more excuses do you need to make before you examine yourself and say, okay, maybe I need to wake up a little bit and take a good long look at what I’ve been doing.

Maybe I need to understand or realize that the environment that this President has trafficked in can help to lead to these sorts of situations, where people think that that sort of behavior, meaning the people who are doing these things, the people who are calling the cops on people falsely in Central Park.

The people who are chasing people down the street in Georgia and killing them. That you may begin to think that your actions are normal. That you may begin to think that you as the preeminent voice can do things that are inhumane to other people and it will be accepted.