Don Jr. Tweets Campaign Video that asks “What happened to Joe Biden?”

Moments ago, Don Jr. tweeted a campaign video that asks “what happened to Joe Biden?”

The video compares clips of Biden in the past to now, where he appears much less sharp.

President Trump and the Trump Campaign has made the case multiple times that Biden, who is 78, is “falling apart.”

During a recent CNN segment Brian Stelter called this type of “Biden bashing” on right wing talk radio “offensive and other-worldly.”

Towards the end of the segment, Stelter points to Biden taking part in a vigorous bike ride as some sort of “evidence” Biden is not “falling apart” as some right wing talk show hosts suggest.

Ben Shapiro fired back at Stelter’s commentary on Twitter and wrote “I’m sorry, but “Biden rode a bike!” is not a good comeback to “Biden is falling apart.” My son also rides a bike. He is four, and not qualified to be president.”