Don Jr Trolls Critics With Meme of a Shirtless President Trump Carrying a Shark

Donald Trump Jr. hilariously trolled Trump critics with a hilarious photoshopped meme of a shirtless President Trump carrying a shark on his back.

The meme reads “haters will say it’s fake”

Don jr. also wrote “I’ve heard from the same “reliable sources” that the Democrats have used during their sham impeachment inquiry that this is in fact very real.”

Last month, anti-Trump celebrities were not amused when President Trump shared a joke meme of himself which features his head clearly photoshopped on Rocky Balboa’s body.

Wapo tweeted “Trump tweets doctored photo of his head on Sylvester Stallone’s body, unclear why”

To which one Twitter user replied “To trigger you dumb asses.”

“Who’s the Boss” actress Alyssa Milano responded to the joke meme with an expletive filled tweet.

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