Don Jr. suggests George Floyd Mural Collapse could be a message from God

In a new Instagram post, Don Jr. suggested the collapse of a George Floyd mural in Ohio could be a sign from God.

“This will drive some people nuts but oh well,” Trump wrote in his Instagram caption. “I mean you have to wonder if someone, like a higher power, is telling us something here?!?”

“Obviously what happened to George Floyd should never happen anywhere!!!” he added. “That said, objectively speaking, given his history I’m not sure turning him into a deity and a role model for our children is exactly the right idea either.”

According to city building inspector there was no foul play involved with Floyd’s mural collapse and it was “just age. It just came away.”

However, the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department, is listing the cause as a lightning strike, based on witness reports and the scene, spokesman Sterling Rahe said.


One Twitter user joked “Gravity is racist”