Don Jr. eviscerates Biden in tweet storm, calls for his resignation “there will never be a weaker US administration in power.”

Donald Trump Jr. blasted Biden Sunday over the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

“LOL, I thought this was from a parody account. If this is the face The White House is showing the world imagine how much worse it is in reality.

This is the best they can do to show Biden “leading!” What a joke!!!”

“The President, senior military, foreign policy & intelligence officials, Fauci and the CDC… Has an entire government ever been more consistently wrong than this current group? And yet nobody gets fired. Nobody resigns in disgrace. The ballot box is our only recourse. Buckle up.”

“*IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS!!!! Apparently he needs a few days to practice reading from a teleprompter.”

“Huh. No sh*t? Maybe Milley would have been better off studying something other than white rage.”

I don’t know about you guys but I’d gladly trade a few mean (but also true) tweets for some of that $1.85 gas, Mid East Peace, energy independence, record unemployment, rising wages, a safe and secure border, and no skyrocketing inflation right about now. #BidenisaFailure

This has to be the worst first year of a Presidency in American History and it’s only August. #BidenMustResign

It seems that Hunter isn’t the only Biden in hiding these days. #BidensAmerica

“Whatever China’s timeline was before on trying to seize Taiwan, we all know they’re licking their chops now knowing that there will never be a weaker US administration in power. This isn’t a partisan issue. We’ve got to get tough before things really escalate.”