Don Jr. Calls Out Biden Over Relationship with China in Bombshell Tweet

Donald Trump Jr. took to social media on Wednesday to call out former Vice President and 2020 Democrat hopeful Joe Biden, who he said was “incentivized” to take a weak stance on US-Chinese trade relations.

In response to Biden’s apparent lack of concern with US-Chinese trade relations, the president’s son claimed Biden’s own son “took $1.5 BILLION” from the Chinese government in reference to Hunter Biden’s business dealings while his father was Vice President.

Trump Jr. said “I’m sure he’s incentivized to pretend [China’s] not a threat,” adding that the media “won’t cover it, because Joe’s their guy and always gets a pass despite his 50 years of failures in government.”

Trump supporters agreed, with many expressing their doubts that Biden is capable of doing business with countries such as China, while others stated their belief that the media will shield Biden from criticism until the 2020 election.