Don Jr. blasts Chrissy Teigan as more bullying surfaces “it’s worse than I previously thought. What a vile piece of garbage”

Sharing a new article from Flipboard, Don Jr. blasted Chrissy Teigan as new bullying surfaces.

Trump wrote “Man…. There’s even more & it’s worse than I previously though. What a vile piece of garbage Chrissy Teigen is. Nothing but a vicious bully, but of course she’s still on all social platforms!”

Per the report:

Chrissy Teigen was exposed as having bullied Courtney Stodden and others on social media.

“You’re a whore . . . everybody hates you,” Teigen tweeted at the “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham.

“Lindsay adds a few more slits to her wrist when she sees Emma Stone,” Teigen tweeted of Lindsay Lohan.