Don Jr. Asks Why Liberal Justices Voted Against States Being Able to Prosecute Illegals for Stealing IDs

Thursday morning, Donald Trump Jr. reacted to a story from TheConservativeOpinion that the SCOTUS has ruled 5-4 that states can prosecute illegals for stealing American IDs.

Don Jr. wrote “Could someone explain to me why this wasn’t a 9-0 decision?

Why on earth would you not be allowed to prosecute people for stealing IDs?”

Ian Miles Cheong replied “Apparently those four think illegals are not beholden to the law and can steal anything without fear of prosecution.”

Derrick Gilson replied “We have a serious problem in our nation when 4 out of nine judges don’t believe illegal aliens should be prosecuted for a crime.”

@GoRedd to go replied “It should be a unanimous decision that illegals need to be prosecuted for stealing American citizens IDs. If you’ve never had your ID (or social security #) stolen by illegals, you’re lucky. It’s a nightmare for your life and your credit! Happened to me so I know”

Timothy Tobin replied “I don’t even need to look to know it was Ginsberg, Beyer, Sotomayer, and Kagan. All Liberal Supreme Court Justices who routinely and systemically vote their personal politics OVER the United States Constitution.”

“Allow me”

Bradley Marcus replied “Because many justices are just politicians in dark robes.”

Kash Jackson wrote “I would venture to say this was a demonstration of their political allegiance. They knew it would pass. They voted “no” as a way to signal their allegiance to liberal lunacy.”

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