Don Jr. announces new book “LIBERAL PRIVILEGE! Sleepy Joe wont like this one”

Saturday, Donald Trump Jr. announced his new book is available for pre-orders, tweeting “My new book is now available for pre-orders! LIBERAL PRIVILEGE! Sleepy Joe wont like this one… but lets be honest he probably doesn’t keep up with current events or anything else… get your copy now!”

The book will be released in late August.

According to the publisher press release:

In his second book, #1 New York Times best selling author, Donald Trump Jr reveals the truth the media has long refused to cover.

Read about the countless liberal scandals, years of entrenched racism in the democrat party and decades of failed polices that will paint a stark picture of LIBERAL PRIVILEGE.

As President Donald J. Trump seeks a second term based on real accomplishments, learn about the facts the media refuses to cover.

As woke liberals attempt to burn our cities, abolish capitalism and rewrite history, liberals stand idly by encased by political correctness and guilt. Donald Trump Jr masterfully eviscerates critics in LIBERAL PRIVILEGE in a raw, witty and very direct way.

Few American families have accomplished so little and benefited so much as the Biden’s. Through corruption, grift, and sheer greed – Joe Biden, Hunter, and the rest of the clan have exemplified LIBERAL PRIVILEGE.

No other book will paint a sharper contrast this election season. A must read for anyone this election season!

Sunday morning, Trump Jr. tweeted “Helping illegal immigrants with DACA with an Exectuive Order was no problem, but helping actual Americans with their taxpayer dollars with an Executive Order is problematic??? Liberal Privilege is a hell of a drug.”