DOJ rejects proposal to pay off migrants separated at the border despite Biden’s support

According to a new report from Fox News “President Biden’s Justice Department has argued in court that families separated at the border during the Trump years are not entitled to compensation, a stark contrast to Biden’s own position over the past several months.”

“Court filings show Biden’s DOJ is arguing in federal court that the U.S. government is immune from legal challenges from illegal immigrants separated from their families at the border, according to Washington Post,” the report adds.

“At issue in this case is whether adults who entered the country without authorization can challenge the federal government’s enforcement of federal immigration laws” under federal tort claims laws, the Justice Department argued in a January brief related to a Pennsylvania lawsuit. “They cannot.”

This comes after the DOJ called off settlement talks with migrant separated at the border last month.

Republicans had warned the DOJ against paying up to $450K to illegal immigrant families.

In November Karine Jean-Pierre, the principal deputy press secretary for the Biden White House, said Biden is indeed “perfectly comfortable” paying illegal immigrants who were separated during the Trump-era in a legal settlement.

However, the amount suggested in reports of $450k per separated illegal individual is not the right amount.