DOJ IG Finds Comey FBI Missed Chances to Avert Terror Attacks While Under Obama

An audit by the DOJ IG has revealed that the Obama-era FBI led by James Comey missed multiple opportunities to stop homegrown jihadis from killing Americans between November 2009 and January 2017.

The full report is available here. 

Per Breitbart, on Wednesday, Michael Horowitz, the DOJ IG who serves as the department’s internal government watchdog, reported:

The FBI has acknowledged that various weaknesses related to its assessment process may have impacted its ability to fully investigate certain counterterrorism assessment subjects who later committed terrorist attacks in the United States. Following these attacks, the FBI made various efforts to evaluate and improve its assessment process. However, it has not ensured that identified areas for improvement were formalized and implemented into enhanced policies and procedures.

During our audit, we found at least six attacks committed in the United States by individuals who the FBI had previously assessed or investigated and who were subsequently categorized as HVEs [homegrown violent extremists].

The FBI reportedly defines “HVEs as global jihad-inspired individuals who are in the United States, have been radicalized primarily in the United States, and are not receiving individualized direction from a foreign terrorist organization (FTO).”

Horowitz identified the six attacks by individuals who were under the FBI’s radar as:

  • The Fort Hood, Texas by Nidal Hassan on November 5, 2009, that left 13 people dead and wounded more than 30 others.
  • The Boston Marathon attack by Tamerlan & Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on April 15, 2013, that killed three people and wounded more than 260 others.
  • The thwarted Garland, Texas attack by Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi on May 30, 2015, that left the two shooters dead and wounded at least one person.
  • The Orlando Pulse Nightclub attack by Omar Mateen on June 12, 2016, that left 49 people dead and injured more than 50 others.
  • The New York / New Jersey bombing attacks by Ahmad Rahami between September 15 and 17, 2016 that injured about 30 people, but no fatalities.
  • The Ft. Lauderdale Airport attack by Esteban Santiago on January 6, 2017, that killed five people and injured more than 40 others, including six gunshot victims.

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