Doctor With Coronavirus Shares What Its Been Like for Him the First Five Days

Yale Tung Chen, a doctor with Coronavirus, shared what it was like for him in a series of tweets the first 5 days.

His medical background allowed him to explain things in a more precise technical manner.

NBC reports a doctor in Spain is tweeting daily updates of life under quarantine with coronavirus, even sharing ultrasounds of his lungs.

Yale Tung Chen, 35, said over the phone that he contracted coronavirus while treating patients in his work as an emergency physician at Hospital Universitario La Paz in Madrid.

He was diagnosed on Sunday and has been in quarantine in his home in Madrid ever since.

Dr. Tung Chen tweeted:

Day 1 after diagnosis. Sore throat, headache (strong!), Dry cough but not shortness of breath. No lung US abnormalities. Will keep a track of my lungs. 

Day 2 after diagnosis. Less sore throat, cough & headache (thank God!), still no shortness of breath or pleuritic chest pain. update: small bilateral pleural effusion, thickened pleural line & basal b-lines (plaps).

Day 3 after diagnosis. No sore throat/headache. Yesterday was cough day, still no shortness of breath/chest pain. Diarrhea started, lucky cough got better. update: similar effusion, seems less thickened pleural line + no b-lines (PLAPS).

Day 4 after diagnosis. More cough & tiredness (very badly), still no dyspnea/chest pain. update: Right side on resolution, Left side a more thickened pleural line + 2 subpleural consolidations.

Day 5 after diagnosis. Less cough & tired, still no dyspnea/chest pain. update: Effusion resolved, as subpleural consolidations spread bilaterally on both posterior lower lobes. Started on HCQ yesterday

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