Docs obtained by Fox appear to show Hunter’s signature on paperwork from repair shop

Moments ago, Fox News broke a new bombshell in the controversial Hunter Biden laptop saga.

According to Fox, documents obtained appear to show the son of Joe Biden’s signature on the paperwork from the Delaware computer repair shop where Hunter reportedly dropped off his laptop.

In addition, Biden’s name is the “bill to” section of the document, that shows a cost of $85.

Fox News reported additional documents showing the FBI paperwork that shows their interaction with the owner of “The Mac Shop.”

Appearing on Fox News with Leland Vittert, Biden surrogate Jenna Arnold did not deny that the alleged Hunter Biden emails from the controversial NY Post story are his.

After a lengthy back and forth, Fox host Vittert said “You still haven’t answered the fundamental question, which is, can anyone say that these emails are inauthentic and so far I haven’t heard anybody say that.”

“Yeah I think that’s fair” Arnold admitted before adding “I don’t think anybody is saying they are inauthentic.”