Disgraceful Alec Baldwin Calls Lindsey Graham “Trump’s Fluffer”

Actor and anti-Trump activist Alec Baldwin, who was arrested not long ago for punching a man over a parking spot, lashed out at Lindsey Graham on Twitter with a despicable homophobic slur.

During Wednesday’s Senate hearing on the Mueller report, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham angered liberals when he read aloud text messages written by anti-Trump former FBI agent Peter Strzok.

Watch the video:

In addition, Bloomberg reported that Graham dismissed Democrats’ calls to hold hearings with Special Counsel Robert Mueller or former White House Counsel Don McGahn.

“They just want to keep it going,” Graham said Wednesday in an interview, talking about the Democratic requests after his committee’s contentious hearing with Attorney General William Barr earlier in the day.

“My job, I thought, was to make sure Mueller could do his job. My job is not to empower their presidential campaigns. My job is not to give them a platform to keep slapping around Trump. My job was to make sure that the rule of law was allowed to work.”

Breitbart reported that a according to Dictionary.com. “A fluffer is — or at least is said to be — someone on a pornographic film set that keeps a male performer’s penis erect in between scenes.”

Sen. Graham was the target of much scorn Wednesday after he defended President Trump from allegations of collusion with Russia.

“I appreciate very much what Mr. Mueller did for the country. I have read most of the report. For me, it is over,” Graham said.

Could this be why Alec Baldwin lashed out against Graham?

Baldwin wrote, “How is it that God -fearing Americans from South Carolina believe that @LindseyGrahamSC , who is nothing more than Trump’s fluffer, passes as worthy of a seat in the US Senate?”

At this time, Twitter has not removed the homophobic slur.