Director Judd Apatow calls for McConnell to be Prosecuted “They are All Murderers”

“Knocked up” Director Judd Apatow called for Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell to be prosecuted for what he calls “lies which cost thousands of deaths.”

Apatow tweeted:

I think @senatemajldr and all of these politicians should be prosecuted when this is done for the lies which cost thousands of deaths. He knows Trump is a con man who lied to everyone to delay bad news and that led to thousands of additional deaths. They are all murderers.

Apatow also claimed Trump “has no friends.”

Gayle Trotter replied to Apatow, writing:

The tolerant, caring left.

“Love trumps hate” and all that

Another Twitter user wrote “Now do Planned Parenthood.”

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