DiGenova Bombshell “The Walls Are Beginning To Close In” on Comey and McCabe

Former federal prosecutor Joe DiGenova believes the walls are closing in on the Obama era FBI.

He also believes the interview with Christopher Steele, the dossier author will blow the lid open and implicate Comey and McCabe.

Real Clear Politics reported that Former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova said news that Steele dossier author Christopher Steele agreeing to be interviewed by U.S. officials is big news and remarked “the walls are beginning to close in.” On Tuesday’s ‘Hannity,’ DiGenova said senior FBI officials including then-FBI director James Comey were involved in a criminal conspiracy against Donald Trump as a candidate, president-elect, and president.

“The FBI at the Comey level, at the senior level, and senior [officials at the] Department of Justice under Obama were engaged in a criminal conspiracy against President Trump while he was a candidate, while he was president-elect and while he was president,” DiGenova said Tuesday. “That is why John Durham wants to talk to him. Because there was a criminal conspiracy led by senior FBI officials. And I just hope all of them, McCabe, Comey, all of them, Baker, just keep talking publicly. Just keep talking publicly.”

Watch the video: