Diddy warns of “race war” if Trump is re-elected, says “white men like Trump need to be banished”

In a new interview with Revolt TV, music mogul Diddy said he believes a race war will result if President Trump is re-elected.

“If Trump gets elected, I really do believe in my heart there will be a race war,” Diddy warned “This man is really trying to turn us against each other and put us in a situation. America messed up.”

“White men like Trump need to be banished.” He continued “That way of thinking is real dangerous. This man literally threatened the lives of us and our families about going to vote.”

Diddy later added  “We’re in a war…We’re in a war of love versus hate. The number one priority is to get Trump out of office. … If people in America want a race war, they’ll not vote.”

Diddy then announced the launch of a new political party called “Our Black Party.”

“Our Black Party’s number one goal is to unify behind a Black agenda. That’s it. We have to seize our political power,” Diddy explained.