Diddy demands corporations hire more black owned media companies, writes “if you love us, pay us”

In a new Op-Ed for revolt.tv Diddy demands corporations hire more black owned media companies.

Diddy tweeted “We’re done letting corporations manipulate our culture into believing incremental progress is acceptable action.

IF YOU LOVE US, PAY US,” he adds while introducing his “letter to corporate America.”

In his Op-Ed, Diddy writes “It’s disrespectful that Black-owned media companies only represent 1% of the total advertising market. It’s disrespectful that distributors refuse to carry Black-owned media brands in an era where our impact and influence is undeniable. It’s disrespectful that the same community that represents 14% of the population and spends over $1.4 trillion annually is still the most economically undervalued and underserved at every level. To repeat, $1.4 TRILLION ANNUALLY! The Almighty Black Dollar!”

“We demand that Corporate America reinvest an equitable percentage of what you take from our community back into our community. If the Black community represents 15% of your revenue, Black-owned media should receive at least 15% of the advertising spend. The same way you understand the power of our dollars, we understand our power to take them away from any corporation that doesn’t give us the economic inclusion we deserve. We are prepared to weaponize our dollars,” he continues.

“If you love us, pay us! Not a token investment. Not a charity check or donation. The time is now! Radical change is the only option. You’re either with us or you are on the other side,” Diddy concludes.